Before you register an appointment with us, we invite you to get to know our terms and conditions, as well as our privacy policies that will provide you with guarantees and absolute security.

Privacy Statement of “Admintancia”


Gathering of Personal Information

On some of the sections from “Admitancia” (Total Health), we request that you provide personal data, like your e-mail address, name, address, or your telephone number. We also need to compile demographic information, like your postal code, age, sex, preferences, interests and favorite activities.

We gather information about your interaction with the sections and services related to "Admitancia", without identifying you as an individual. For example, we use web site analysis tools to obtain information from your browser, like the site from where you gained access, the search engine and key words used to find our site, the pages you visited in our site, your browser add-ons and even the size of your browser window.

Likewise, we employ technologies, like cookies, to gather information about the pages you visit, the links you click on, and other actions you take on our sites and services. We also receive certain standard information that your browser sends to the site you visit, like your IP address, the type of browser and your language, the times of access and addresses of your reference sites.


Use of personal information

"Admitancia" gathers and uses your personal information to work on and improve their sites and services. These uses may include a more effective service for the client, the modification of sites or services so they may become easier to use by eliminating the need for you to repeatedly write the same data; it also includes doing research and analysis aimed at improving our products, services and technologies; and finally, the visualization of content according to your own interest and preferences.

We also use your information to communicate with you. We may send certain mandatory service communications, such as welcoming e-mails, appointment confirmations, payment reminders and information regarding technical service issues and safety notices.


Shared use of your personal information

Except as otherwise described in this declaration, we will not divulge your personal information outside of  "Admitancia" ( without your consent.

However, a). We will act according to the law if it is required to respond to legal inquires and processes; b).We will protect, at all times, the rights and properties of "Admitancia" or of our clients, should it depends upon us, including the fulfillment of the covenants and guidelines that govern the use of the services we offer.


Safeguarding your personal information

"Admitancia" wishes to express its commitment to protect the safety of the user’s personal information.

If a password is used to help protect your accounts and personal information, it is your responsibility that said password is kept confidential. Do not share this information with anyone. If you share a terminal, you should always log off from your session before exiting from a site or service, to keep other users from gaining access to your information.


  Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

 I hereby accept that the therapies that I receive will be «distant» or at a distance (for up to an hour), under the terms and conditions indicated on this site: I will not be provided pharmaceuticals of any type, neither will I be administered any herbs or natural potions; neither am I being touched, physically, on any part of my body because the intervention is specific to Curative Relaxation, in addition to some pretty good “induced” anemic and organic stimulation; activated by the Psychologist Operator in turn. On my behalf, I am committing (upon confirmation of the appointment, or shortly before), to send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. –from my e-mail account- the diagnosis, if there is any, or symptom(s), as well as following the directions that are assigned to me.

For the interpretation, compliance, and any controversy hereof; the parties submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts of the common law of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico, and hereby waive any other jurisdiction that by reason of their domicile may correspond to them.


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