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"Admittance (Psychology of the Middle)" Are you searching for happiness but you can’t reach it? Are you seeking for health but you can’t find it? Here it is, the way to the path:




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The texts shown in this issue of the Literary and Scientific branch have a double purpose: 1). Instructive: Whose language and purpose is to instruct (for the most part, the general public) on how to prevent diseases, step by step; and to an extreme, how to self-heal, to a certain degree; and 2). Informative: Whose intention is to release to specialists and all interested public, well-founded and scientifically (in Appendix 1), the before mentioned purpose. 

In life we participate in two levels of existence, of two simultaneous and parallel sequences of events: An external field perceived by the internal field. To Admit what happens is keeping the parallelism, or Contact Limit, C.L.; between them; in other words, living without attachments and without aversion.

For this, the recommendation is to exert the least «mental strength» possible, al all times; because to do the opposite is to assume that Resistance exists, and that neither you nor anybody can prevail against it; how is this? The answer lays in the dual unity of attraction-opposition (whatever you oppose or resist, that is what will come to you), motivated and alternated by ego, in conformity to its nature.

Are you searching for happiness but you can’t reach it? Are you seeking for health but you can’t find it? Here is the way to the path: The error is that of an attitude derived in contexts and meanings, when they compose Erroneous Mental Structures, E.M.S.; or, Discordant Attitudes, D.A.; to which respective functions attach (Functional Disorders and/or Organic diseases). They channel, invariably, through the attention-identification; from there, that whatever you put your attention on, exists in your conscience. Identifying yourself with something or someone –for good or bad- is to subordinate the self to such entity.

Implicitly composed, of submission and rebellion, Subordination is potential suffering and pain. In this respect, happiness is a horizon that shifts!

To be in religious “vigil” –from the perspective presented here-, can be alternated with the scientific scope coming from the configuration of the Admittance or Psychology of the Middle: To be vigilant to admit whatever happens; that is to say, «to be vigilant» of living without attachments and without aversion. Be vigilant, therefore, to “live, and die without regret”; which is what Milarepa proclaims as his religion.


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