• 1) It is necessary that you select a date and time for your session 36 hours or more in advance; otherwise, your appointment will not register correctly. (Check the Guide to reserve on-line).

  • 2) Appointments must be registered under the interested party’s name, so you must provide the full name; all this in order to provide a patient-psychologist bond. It is important to mention that appointments can be requested by a third party in favor of the interested party; but every time using the same e-mail account.

  • 3) Enter a valid e-mail account and make sure you register it correctly; otherwise, you will not receive the “Notice of Registration of Appointment” in your e-mail, which you will need to make your payment and confirm your Appointment.

  • 4) When you register your appointment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation where you will find precise instructions on how to make your secure payment through one of the following methods:


Allows an easy, comfortable and safe payment method using your Credit or Debit Card from Mexico’s and the world’s best banks

(En México)

(Resto del Mundo)

Bank Wire Transfer

If you are in Mexico, you can make your payment at your bank’s teller window, or for your convenience, through the internet using your bank’s online banking system.

(Go to Frequently Asked Questions.)

  • 5) Once you have made your payment, Salud Total (Total Health) will send you an e-mail with your Payment Confirmation Notice and instructions for your session.


  • 6) If you did not make the payment for your appointment -at least- 36 hours before the date and time of your session, it will be automatically cancelled and you will receive an e-mail with the corresponding notification.

  • 7) If you are unable to attend your appointment, cancel it in order to allow others take advantage of that spot. You can do this yourself on-line by subscribing as a frequent costumer (Subscription and/or Frequent Costumer Access) or by sending an e-mail to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at Tel. and Whatsapp: +52 1 669 1278781

If you want more information, use our On-line Contact Center and request that our staff get in touch with you, or call us at Whatsapp: +52 1 6691278781