We are a group of professionals in Psychology, working on Clinical Orientation, supported by: 1). The pinnacle of the works of pioneers from diversified Schools of Thought (evoked by any reckoning, one by one, from the very ends  of the deepest nature of the mind), aimed towards Human Well-being and 2). Our own inclusive research which is configured in the Book “Admittance (Psychology of the Middle),” which we offer here. Our interventions, that are specific to Healing Relaxation; besides some, more than sufficient, «induced» Anemic and Organic Stimulation; which we apply in accordance to the health problem in question. Invariably, we tend to the “Emotional Healing” (Balance), from whence all Organic Diseases, when they are present, yield (Health); chronic-degenerative diseases included; needless to say, if one is dealing with Functional and/or Emotional disorders. Every time, with more than 95% chances of being cured, with no risk at all.

Our work has an effect both «in person» and «at a distance». [“There is a network or spiritual union that connects all the things in the universe” –some scientists call it, Intertwining Line; I.L. - “and we are all part of a Divine Intelligence; thus, no phenomenon is inexplicable (…) the construction of the perceptible existence is malleable and moldable through «intention». This means that conscience gives form to our reality.”] All of which turns our professional work, also, in Medical or Organic Psychology. In other words, we cure (facilitate) what modern medicine cures and we cure (facilitate) what modern medicine cannot cure; but we emphatically cure (facilitate), as it should be, without any pharmaceuticals!!! That being said, we do it with all responsibility, humility and respect.


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